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Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me

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Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me Biography

Each episode has dramatizations that show illnesses caused by parasitic infection. Once the parasites have been identified, their life cycles are illustrated. Justin Peed is the narrator, and biologist Dan Riskin, PhD, explains how and why each parasite finds its host.
A season 2 has been announced and Animal Planet is currently taking parasite story submissions on the show's website.
The second season premiered on Wednesday June 9, 2010.
As of January 7, 2011, Monsters Inside Me can be seen in Canada on DiscoveryScience.
#     Title     Directed by     Written by     Original air date
1     "Sleeper Cells"     Alexis Siggers     Alexis Siggers and Dominic Stobart     7 January 2009
An examination of how slow-acting organisms can wreak havoc on the human body. A one year old boy is affected with Baylisascaris procyonis worms that affect his vision and life. A veteran in the Vietnam war is affected with Wuchereria bancrofti. A man is an affected with Schistosoma worms that affect his brain.
2     "Outbreak"     Steve McLaughlin     Steve McLaughlin and Dominic Stobart     8 July 2009
A closer look at the parasite outbreaks from across the U.S. A group of kids is affected by Angiostrongylus cantonensis worms after they eat salad that had infected snails. An outbreak of Cryptosporidium hominis occurs in a south part of the city. A man near Dallas, Texas had Leishmania parasites transferred from Sandflies.
3     "Sex Maniacs"     Alexis Siggers     Alexis Siggers and Dominic Stobart     15 July 2009
A look at the different strategies parasites use to reproduce, including Bed bug infestations, maggots
4     "Masters of Disguise"     Sally Freeman     Sally Freeman and Dominic Stobart     22 July 2009
The most deceptive parasites. A teenager is infected with the acanthamoeba that almost destroys her sight. A senior is infected with strongyloides from 74 years ago. A runner is infected with babesiosis.
5     "Hijackers"     Edward Hambleton     Dominic Stobart     29 July 2009
Parasites that take over bodies. A 10 year old is infected with the brain-eating amoeba. A man is infected with African sleeping sickness. A boy is infected with toxocara that threatens to take his sight.
6     "Living with the Enemy"     Kyle McCabe     Kyle McCabe and Dominic Stobart     5 August 2009
About parasites people must live with that doctors cannot cure. A woman is infected with Tapeworm cysts that reduces her flow of spinal fluid. A child is infected with toxoplasma that threatens to take his sight. A New York banker is infected with malaria.
Season 2: 2010
#     Title     Directed by     Written by     Original air date
1     "Suicide Attackers"             9 June 2010
A fit and active dance instructor is suddenly stopped in her tracks by unbearable abdominal pain and vomiting, and a mysterious mass in her colon is revealed to be decaying Anisakis worms. A middle-aged banker gets seizures from the pork tapeworm that he picked up from traveling to his home country of Haiti. A scientist is infected with the worms that cause river blindness.
2     "Feeding Frenzy"             16 June 2010
The vicious Entamoeba parasite attacks a schoolteacher from the inside out. A dancer becomes concerned when her allergic outbreaks become lumpy and infected which is discovered to be the result of the parasite, Trichinella spiralis. A retiree gets scabies from mites he got from staying in the hospital in the past.
3     "Cold Blooded Killers"             23 June 2010
A nine-year-old hockey player comes down with encephalitis from the Acanthamoeba, which causes him to lose his concentration and balance, almost killing him. A computer programmer gets severe malaria from the Plasmodium parasite that makes him lose control of his mind and post-malarial neurological symptoms two weeks after an apparent recovery. A marathon runner deals with Leishmaniasis, which causes his spleen to swell.
4     "Lurkers"             7 July 2010
The cryptosporidium parasite infects a little girl, causing her severe vomiting and diarrhea. A microscopic amoeba kills a firefighter with an autoimmune disorder by causing him meningitis. A rare, vicious tapeworm detaches the retina in a teenaged girl, destroying vision in her left eye.
5     "Flesh Eaters"             14 July 2010
A young college student gets a strange wound that slowly grows and oozes from Leishmaniasis after traveling to two countries from South America. An animal volunteer deals with a cat hookworm when a kitten scratches her on the chest. A couple deal with a strange rash that spreads on their bodies from a parasite they picked up after eating sushi in Africa.
6     "Stowaways"             28 July 2010
A carpenter deals with the Japanese lung fluke, which causes him to have trouble breathing, from eating live crabs. A bike rider develops a rash on her groin and upper thighs from a parasitic worm called Schistostoma, which could possibly give her bladder cancer. A guidance counselor, who was an army veteran, develops an insatiable appetite, unusual weight loss, and abdominal pain pulls out a parasitic roundworm called Ascaris lumbricoides, which he picked up from eating contaminated food while serving in the army.
7     "Breeders"             4 August 2010
A teenaged boy gets a maggot in his eye, making it impossible for him to see clearly. A construction worker deals with a tumor-like mass from a parasitic tapeworm that causes him severe pain in his pelvis and legs. A nine-year-old girl gets infected with the Giardia parasite, which gives her severe stomach cramps
8     "Double Agents"             11 August 2010
A peace volunteer deals with a leech in his nose, which gives him a strange nosebleed. A nature-loving landscaper gets a severe allergic reaction when he gets multiple bee stings at once and infects himself with the hookworm parasite to relieve his symptoms. A six-year-old girl gets a strange red spot on her foot from having a maggot in her foot.
9     "Homegrown Enemies"             18 August 2010
A middle-aged man who has been caring for his ailing mother gets Babeisiosis from walking barefoot to the mailbox. Since he lost his spleen from cancer, he gets severe diarrhea, in addition to fever, fatigue, and night sweats. An active, busy middle-aged woman experiences stomach cramps, explosive diarrhea, lightheadedness, and blurred vision from the Toxocara parasite, which she probably got from contaminated food. An older mother of five children deals with nausea, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, and vomiting from the Strongyloides worm, which she may have picked up from being in contact with infected soil. Because of steroids she took for her breathing problems, her body became more vulnerable to the parasite.
10     "Shape Shifters"             25 August 2010
A seven-year-old girl suffers from seizures from a pork tapeworm after being adopted at the age of three from Nepal. A forty-five-year-old machinist deals with blurry and double vision, leaving him legally blind in his left eye, from a raccoon roundworm that he picked up from his turkey hunting. A forty-one-year-old anaethesiologists, along with twenty-eight other anaethesiologists from two different counties, suffer from stomach cramps and crippling diarrhea from the Cyclospora parasite after eating raspberries infected with human feces. 

Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 
 Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
 Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 
 Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 
Animal Planet Monsters Inside Me 

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