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Animal Planet Shows

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Animal Planet Shows Biography
Recent additions to the channel, such as Meerkat Manor and Orangutan Island, already reflect this newer focus on "predation programming" and more immersive story telling. Animal Planet hopes this new direction will help revitalize stagnating ratings, after primetime viewing in 2007 dropped 9%.Animal Planet has offered new dramas, fantasy and comedy shows during the 2008-2009 season.Animal Planet is also well known for its annual stunt program, the Puppy Bowl, a yearly special shown during the afternoon leading up to the NFL's Super Bowl, primarily consisting of puppies at play commentated by the late sports broadcaster Harry Kalas.


    The A-List (2007 TV series)
    Amazing Animal Videos
    Animal Armageddon
    Animal Cops
    Animal Cops: Detroit
    Animal Cops: Houston
    Animal Cops: Miami
    Animal Cops: Phoenix
    Animal Cops: San Francisco
    Animal Cops: South Africa
    Animal Face-Off
    Animal Icons
    Animal Planet Heroes
    Animal Planet Report
    Animal Planet Zooventure
    Animal Precinct
    Austin Stevens: Snakemaster


    Backyard Habitat
    Bad Dog!
    Barking Mad
    Beverly Hills Vet
    Beware of Dog (TV series)
    Breed All About It
    Buggin' with Ruud


    Call of the Wildman
    Cats 101
    Caught in the Moment
    Chased by Dinosaurs
    Chasing Nature
    Corwin's Quest
    Croc Files
    The Crocodile Hunter
    The Crocodile Hunter Diaries


    Divine Canine
    Dog Days (TV series)
    Dogs 101


    E-Vet Interns
    Emergency Vets
    Escape to Chimp Eden


    Fatal Attractions (TV series)
    Feeding Frenzy (TV series)
    Finding Bigfoot
    Fooled By Nature
    The Future Is Wild
    The Future is Wild (TV series)


    Gator Boys
    Get Out There!
    Good Dog U
    Groomer Has It
    Growing Up...


    The Haunted (TV series)
    Hillbilly Handfishin'
    Housecat Housecall


    I Was Bitten
    I'm Alive (TV series)
    It's Me or the Dog


    The Jeff Corwin Experience
    Jockeys (TV series)
    Judge Wapner's Animal Court


    K-9 to 5
    K9 Karma
    Killing for a Living
    King of the Jungle (TV series)


    Lassie (1997 TV series)
    The Last Dragon (2004 TV series)
    Lemur Street
    List of Finding Bigfoot episodes
    List of programs broadcast by Animal Planet
    Living with Tigers
    Lost Tapes


    Miami Animal Police
    Miracle Pets
    Monkey Business (TV series)
    Monsters Inside Me
    Monsters We Met
    The Most Extreme
    Ms. Adventure
    Must Love Cats

M cont.

    My Cat from Hell
    My Daddy, the Crocodile Hunter
    My Extreme Animal Phobia


    Orangutan Island


    The Pet Psychic
    Pet Star
    Pets 101
    Petsburgh USA
    Pit Boss (TV series)
    Pit Bulls & Parolees
    The Planet's Funniest Animals
    Prehistoric Park
    Puppy Bowl


    The Real Lost World
    The Really Wild Show
    River Monsters
    Rogue Nature


    Safari Sisters
    Sea Monsters (TV series)
    SuperFetch (TV series)


    Taking on Tyson
    Tanked (TV series)
    That's My Baby (TV series)
    Too Cute (TV series)
    Total Zoo


    Untamed & Uncut
    Up Close and Dangerous


    Venom ER


    Weird, True & Freaky
    Whale Wars
    List of Whale Wars episodes
    Who Gets the Dog?
    Wild Guess
    Wild Kingdom
    Wild Recon
    Wild Rescues
    Wildlife SOS


    You Lie Like a Dog
    Your Worst Animal Nightmares

Animal Planet is a television channel in the United Kingdom. The channel is dedicated to programming that highlights the relationship between humans and animals.

A one hour timeshift channel called Animal Planet +1 was launched in May 2001. A high-definition simulcast called Animal Planet HD was launched on 27 February 2012.

Programmes shown on the channel include:

(NEW)*Animal Airport - Wednesday at 7pm UTC - a look at the operations of the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow Airport (NEW)*The Zoo - Thursday at 7pm UTC - a behind-the-scenes show filmed at Dublin Zoo

    Animal Safari - weekdays at 6pm UTC - a behind-the-scenes look at the operation of Woburn Safari Park
    Animal Cops: Houston
    Animal Cops: Philadelphia
    Animal Cops: Phoenix
    Animal Crackers
    Big Cat Diary

Dogs 101

    Meerkat Manor
    Monkey Life
    Monsters Inside Me
    Orangutan Island
    The Planet's Funniest Animals
    Untamed & Uncut
    Up Close and Dangerous
    Wild Europe
    Wildlife SOS
Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows
 Animal Planet Shows 

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