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Tanked Animal Planet

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Tanked Animal Planet Biography
 Tanked is a reality TV series airing on Animal Planet. It follows the operations Las Vegas based Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King. ATM bills itself as the world's largest manufacturer of customized aquarium installations. In addition, Wayde's wife/Brett's sister Heather is the company's accountant and Heather and Brett's father Irwin Raymer (also known as The General) is the office manager.[1]
Other regulars include Shop Manager Robert "Robbie Redneck" Christlieb and sales coordinator Agnes Wilczynski.
In 2012, Animal Planet has re-released the entire series with additional text commentary from the cast under the name Tanked: Unfiltered.
 Title     Original airdate
1x01     "Brett Takes A Dive (Pilot Episode)"     August 7, 2011
Jukebox, law office desk
1x02     "Swimming with the Sharks"     August 19, 2011
In the premiere of this reality series about a family-owned, Las Vegas-based company that specializes in building custom aquariums, owners Wayde and Brett try to avoid sleeping with the fishes when they design a 1000-gallon, mob-inspired tank. Meanwhile, Wayde's wife, Heather, is persuaded to walk among sharks; and the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing team works on a phone-booth aquarium for a homesick New York family.
1x03     "Rules of Engagement"     August 26, 2011
A hydraulic tank gives a business a boost and comes with a hidden engagement ring; a diner owner wants a tank to go with the restaurant's decor.
1x04     "Be Cool"     September 2, 2011
The finishing touches are put on a 57,000-gallon aquarium in a Dallas megachurch; a woman surprises her fiancé with a beer-keg tank for his basement hangout; Brett makes unauthorized enhancements to a lawyer's reception-desk tank
1x05     "Good Karma"     September 9, 2011
A request for a precisely constructed Feng Shui tank helps Brett discover his zen, unlocking the gateway for inner peace and outward annoyance to his fellow ATM crew. Meanwhile, an overhead bed boat tank, custom themed after a well-known children’s book, brightens the spirits of a five-year-old boy with many surgeries ahead of him. Brett and Wayde are brought to tears by the gratitude of the little boy, who couldn’t dream of anything more. Finally, a visit to the Atlantis Aquarium tank allows big payback as Heather gets her revenge by secretly signing Brett and Wayde up for a caged shark dive.
1x06     "Tricks of the Trade"     September 16, 2011
A skateboard ramp tank has Wayde & Brett grinding their gears to find a solution to keep the acrylic from scratching; The ATM team builds a surprise octopus tank for Brett's birthday; and Vegas weather is threatening a meltdown on an outdoor gumball tank.
№     Title     Original airdate
2x01     "Fish Out of Water"     April 14, 2012
Wayde and Brett are back home in New York to see a long-time client to discuss the installation of a shark tank for his recently built orthodontist office.
2x02     "Old School vs New School"     April 21, 2012
A pinball-machine tank for an arcade-game enthusiast in Chicago; a tank for a robotics-systems company in Massachusetts.
2x03     "Serenity Now"     April 28, 2012
A tank for a tattoo parlor in Las Vegas to soothe nervous customers; a show piece for a furniture store in North Carolina.
2x04     "Roll With It"     May 5, 2012
The Pensacola Blue Wahoos ask Wayde and Brett to turn an old school bus into a mobile fish tank, but they have to change plans when they learn they can't pay for it; Brett comes up with a unique tank design for his mother's favorite nail salon.
2x05     "Tanks for the Memories"     May 12, 2012
The crew discuss their favorite tanks and pranks from Season 1 in an episode that features unseen footage.
2x06     "Polar Opposites"     May 12, 2012
The hosts head to the Valley View Casino in California to build a 35-foot-long marquee tank within a strictly specified amount of time; the Monte Carlo's Minus 5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas has the guys in the deep freeze constructing a jellyfish tank.
2x07     "Most Challenging Tanks"     June 2, 2012
Wade and Brett revisit their most challenging Tank builds.
2x08     "Where The Wild Things Are"     June 9,2012
Wade and Brett Have to come up with a tanked first when they incorporate all of what Petco has to offer in building them a three part tank for their headquarters. Also they get to build a tank built for Rock Legends Kiss!
2x09     "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Tank"     August 11,2012
In the third-season premiere, Brett and Wayde work on a shark tank with a "Jaws" theme for comedian Tracy Morgan.
2x10     "For Love of the Game…Or Money?"     August 18,2012
A man-cave aquarium for the NFL's Bart Scott; a vault tank for a Florida technology company.
2x11     "Flying High and Sinking Deep"     August 25,2012
A manufacturing company flies Wayde and Brett to Chicago on a private jet to pitch their ambitious plans for a large aquarium over a second-floor staircase; a Caribbean restaurant in Philadelphia wants an interactive window tank with remote-controlled submarines.
2x12     "Nuclear Family"     September 8,2012
The Acrylic Tank Manufacturing crew recall the most memorable tanks of the year, and share the highs and lows of working for a family business.
2x13     "Love Is an Illusion"     September 15,2012
2x14     "On the Road Again"     September 22,2012
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